Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hello again

Every now and then we need to obtain more than what we've already asked for. That just the way we had to ignore all our self-ego each times and believe me, it'd earns you to many more nicest things you never asked before. 
Anyway it's been awhile since my last entry (again) because the final school exams are already over! Oh god i really working hard for it like i didn't get to use my computer or blogging or fulfilling out my Art-needs and stay off with anything that does not related with maths, or geography, or economics, or languages terms which it's all are my exam stuff. i'm glad already passed those exams year but i still having this 'two-scary-weeks-to-wait' for my exams result that'd be announce at the end of this week on friday. Nerve, Yes.

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