Saturday, January 26, 2013


 credits to dini&salfa

The sun's appearance striking insanely that day, it even make us dazzled to look up. think it's a sunprotector-needs situation and it tans your skin perfectly! which i just hate it. we're waiting for our turn and jamming all around in a yearbook photo decades. (and so we took some selfies while waiting)
it's a session-break on thurs as we're from an art club in our school representing and there we shot in our school yard. and thanks again dini for took those candids on the top one *huggin*.
for somehow besides sunny, the weather still windy i'm guessing out it'll get warmer next month but i don't know, let see..


Nora Aradi said...

Lovely photos!

anoddgirl said...

cute photos!!

loving-evelyn said...

great photos

Yuli Conversations said...

Looks like fun :)
Wondering if you would like to follow each other?:)
Please let me know! I will be happy to follow back!