Sunday, January 6, 2013


Nice weather since rain just coming out and the music i listen to come from Birdy, a 16 year old singer from Hampshire, UK. i play it all the times (Skinny Love and 1901) as i've never get sick of her like i've never get tired listening to this kind of music.
here my two favourites from Birdy i recommending for you...

Birdy - Skinny Love (Official Music Vidio)
Birdy - 1901 (Official Music Vidio)


Melissa said...

Yes yes yes. Love Birdy.

<3 Melissa

Maria Isabel said...

I did not know her but liked it!
I'm following you too!

Arien Plutonidades said...

Hi dear!
That's the first time I hear about her but I found her music amazing!

fak3shion said...

One of my favourite songs!


Rimma Izzaty Putri said...

i like birdy toooo! :3

Laura said...

She's amazing!

keschen said...

OMG, I love love Birdy.. Her voice is just amazing.
Skinny love is one of my favorite songs.
Thanks for the post :)

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Stephanie Lin said...

Ah, love Birdy. What a great voice!