19 y.o / full timer student ..(currently)..

I do draw and make clothes

How's that draw and make clothes thing? oui. what i do is basically designing. (still under develop since I'm a student). i design clothes, bags, purses, shoes.. y'all know.. those fashion items..
and i sometimes draw; people faces, silhouette, random things. not an expert but my drawing is just fine.. you should check sometimes..

What do i do here. i share personal thoughts, personal style, personal taste in life. all below Todaysays name.

What's with Todaysays? me too i was thinking about putting my name for my blog as well but then again since we overcome a different story each day, real feeling, mood changing each time, inspirations coming and so on we all have those days that are fine, and those days that are bad.. Todaysays is a form to represent current situation. it was the idea to capture all those feeling together, record them in a box of moments as a note for you, for me, for myself. so putting it as my blog name i think it's ok.

Blog? it is more like a personal universe.

If you have something to discuss, same interests or whatsoever feel free to send me a message here. or if you find your stuff uncredited in my page, let me know.

I love being simple as a beanie and a jersey top, i would rather pick a pair of black ankle boots and chucks, i am so into an oversized tops in any times and my closet mostly has fall / winter tones. —Ayi

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