Tuesday, August 20, 2013


credits to tumblr and cole's

 it's august and im back to bloggin for more ahhhh glad to see you again blog and all . though it's a lil confusing this time since i  had a long break, i try to get used to this. apparently now these tons of asian kinda influence me and so i'm posting it as my august ideas. lately what i wear the most is about tees & those baggy pants i stocked. they're so comfort me at anytime.
and i recently lost all my corel datas which all-my drawings-and stuff-are gone forever,sad. and I accidentally tapping out something which i don't know exactly what was it that made an automatically changes in my blog so the main drawing that used to be on the right side of this page gone as well. i lost my own drawing :( whtvr i'll make a new one!
since i am-now influenced by asians a lot, they're also wrapping up my new playlists and it's what i'm listening to. they're good as ever and it's entertaining. especially the boys! ah I'm a teen so that's alright heh ;) am i obsessed?


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