Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2pairs of tights and shorts

Starts with blog diary! as always. 
so everybody's got excited for this week, at least for the students in 1st and 2nd grade in high school. they've got the time off while the senior doing some government test to prove their ability in each subject & to prove that they're deserves to graduate this year (after 3 years of school!) yep, 3 years of school and your life's depends on one weeks full of test.the last step of them to get the next step in college. and me, still on the 2nd  grade which means that next year is my turn. 2nd grade that deserves got one week free of everything but not for me. my school had the routine activity every year. and it called as internship program. as i told you on the previous entry, these internship program started since 2days ago. and now, i'm about tired to finish all of this. all i need is stay at home and doing some random things.(normal thoughts when you get bored). watching a movie, listen to music, & any random things. that sound great. but i have to finish this program to fill up my score. (i said that twice) .
(and by the way!)
i'm thinking of pastel tights lately. i'm not a fan with tights,leggings, and their friends but i'm pretty sure it would be one of the most 'last forever' stuff. i think it just amazing how these tights transform from the several centuries. i mean like seriously, this things worn by men at the past. and now, we cannot find any men who want to wear tights. of course if you could found one, that must be creepy. in this era, many people consider it as 'must have item' on their wardrobe. it could be the black simple one,pastel nor any patterns side. i know there's so many kind of tights out there that i probably don't even know yet,since i figured out it changed every season. 
this entry i decided to post some sketch & made some outfits that contains with tights. the #1st outfit i drew short tights and anchor canvas bag . the 2nd one i drew those grey tights(it's a simple one!) and i also love the heels. and for the last sketch i inspired by the fall/winter series 2011 . i know i know, last year series but it totally inspiring. remember, the circle always come and go with the different style and shape but with the same simple type either. and for the sketch, please don't blame me i'm still learning here (: xx! 

class of fall/winter series 2011



Karolina said...

Love the the drawings, I guess everyone is thinking about pastels right now, welcome to the club ;)

Stephanie Liu said...

Your sketches are so lovely! You have talent for fashion drawings :)

xo Stephanie

Fool chic said...

Hey, I love the leggings!really I would like to wear someday :) I am sketching too! I follow u! xxx

Fidelia Salsabila said...

you doing so great now
love the all sketches! xo


Amanda said...

how cool!

mafiga norrais said...

nah ini keren juga ! haahahaha Goodluck !

the-caramel-lady said...

lovely blog:)

SilhouetteParisienne said...

Nice post

Jeline said...

I love your drawings! They're so good. What a talent! x