Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everything's back to normal again. as usual, wake up every morning.. go to school then go back home like a normal students routinity. no more rehearsal because the competition was over and we've got the 3rd place for dance competition.(thankful for that). but now, i'm doing my school project with some of friends as team work for the next internship program. it's a routine program per year and we need to take it as well for the best final score. so i have more time to write on because i don't have any activities which need an extra time like rehearsal or something like that.like before.
for the records, this pictures of me actually taken in a couple of months ago (and i just post it here). as you can see,i colored my hair a little bit in here. it was dark brown. in this pictures, what i'm wearing is a white vintage dress, denim jacket, red rose hair pin,heels, and black chic ring. for the ring, i made it by myself &  i love those red rose hair pin as well. 
oh my godness it's midnight already! i need to get my beauty sleep on. tomorrow's language day. because all of the subject is about laguage (in official school schedule) . there are Chinese,English, and BSI (indonesia language) and swim class! i'm about excited for that!(: xx!



Fidelia Salsabila said...

what's wrong with yours?
i just wanna click on older post button but it doesn't work anymore
fix it as soon as possible :)

Galuh Nurita said...

oh i see. you need to click on the link 'older post' on the right side, it means that not in the middle of the link (:

Alejandra Lorenzo Chouza said...

me encantan los zapatos!! y la chaqueta tambien parece muy binita!!
buenas fotos!!

Hazy Days. said...

Oh these are lovely dear! And your blog is just perfect! I saw your blog through a nadia's blog and fell in love with it! I am looking for new blogs to follow, and if you are interested in doing a following back leave a comment :3 Mine's www.elishayates.com


GlamorousGirl said...



Karolina said...

Lovely jacket and I love your drawing below, lovely!

Apolline said...

lovely photos !


Ginger Snap ♥ said...

Lovely photos and cute ring you made! Thank you for your comment xx


Bernadeth G. said...

omg i love the jacket! the details are so prefect :3