Sunday, April 8, 2012

for more deers

now it's been a while since my last entry said for this stain-sketch post. i need to make an effort to make it better. that's way i keep learning in drawing or make a stain,which my specialism programme stands for. i got the reference from the magazine, blogs, interwebs, or any people around me. but mostly, from the magazine.
when i found something interesting then i think, "aweseome, i need to make a sketch about this". then i combine it with any other stuff. i'm not really good in drawing,sketching or designing something but it's like my passion so i keep in learn for this.  
if you have any recipe or suggestion for me,please tell me.and have a nice day!



his_girl_friday said...

Very strange, but very cool!

Margaret said...

your blog is lovely!

Alejandra Lorenzo Chouza said...

me encantan!!

Romina Rose May said...

Great outfits! :) It really looks good :) Best wishes from Germany

Annie said...

I'm in love!!!
Annie from

lafillecrue said...

hey :) i just discovered your blog and i have to say it is really amazing. i really love your design, especially the background, this is my idea of an perfect design! okay, sorry if my english is not that well :D
i love your paintings, they are special and you have talent! btw, i am such a loser with drawing, so you flash me a bit :D
okay, best greetings <3

lafillecrue said...

i wanna follow you, but my "join this site " button doesn't work, your "follow m's" button doesn't work and you don't have a navbar, this is kinda bewitched :D

Galuh Nurita said...

thankyou for all the kind comments! i appreciate it so much(:

and for the follow button that doesn't work, i already fix it so you can just click on "FOLLOW m's" button (: