Saturday, April 21, 2012

School Stuff in general

School stuff

As you can see above,
 there are some oufits that i've created based on school needs. and for today, i'm going to post my school stuff. 
first of all, everybody knows what is the big question which is very BIG question in every morning of school. "What should  i wear for today?!" . Yep, my school has no uniform or at least a specific uniform. they just mentioned that we have to wear a polite outfits with collars. it's kinda weird  if you compare this with any other school in my country because most of them has their own uniform, everyday wears uniform in any public school nor any private school in my country . 
there must be a lot of speculation about this . 
So let's we back to the topic of the question. every morning my mom has a lot of anger because i took a long time to choose what outfits really fits on me in every single day. every morning  the popular question is "Mom, where's my clothes in this colour? trousers? or even a little things like socks can be hardly to find. Monday is the only exception about this. on monday all of the students in my school have to wear the same top shirts , it's a white polo shirt with the school icon in it. and we also have to wear school coats for the outter of the shirts. that is the only uniform added. 
what do i wear? sometimes collar shirt only with jeans, sometimes, polo shirt and jeans, sometimes (when i really get lazy in dressing) i wear jacket or polo in a messy way. it's all just like a normal students oufits to go to school. But mostly in order to show my character and self interest, i do love to wear a simple polo with jeans and put my sweater knitted on.that's why from the stuff above you can see many sweaters,it's so me things-_-. i put many sweaters,jeans,converse,toms(i really beg for this one i really wanted, i haven't get one of this), backpack, collar (significant things ever), sketch book, and i also put miley's breakout music on that related with high school life.
in the next picture below, there's an outfit that usually i wear and some stuff in my bag in school day. i do love to dressing in a very simple way to go to school everyday  which makes me comfortable enough. so wear a polo shirt with any colour with dark denim and put my sweater on is the best way for me to go to school. i wish the weather will always good for me to wear a sweater because it usually gets hot and i just need to put my sweater off which makes me lose one thing and it was uncomfortably.then you can see those kind of watch and bracelet that usually be right on me. and those long lasted black converse, i really get a crush on them since i saw miley's black converse just like that and since it fits with any outfit,i really love that one. aaaand let's se what's on my school bag! i've got a simple black backpack with pattern last year. 
one simple rule of me : i would never bring many books . there are only two books of notes that usually for the theories in each subject that given by the teachers. i usually write the whole subject theories in one book only. the other book is sketch book! one of my favorite for my specialism. this sketch book that contains with all of my sketch and drawings. the space for me to  create an idea and learn with many stain.pencil is the significant things ever for me, it's like i'm ok if there's no any pen or what as long as i have this things in my pocket bag, i feel save. and leather brown wallet, mineral water. and  this kind of chocolate crispy for moodboster or even just for snack ing along. Oh! and banana which is my favorite and consider it as the best snack in the worldaaa!
Tomorrow is sunday,means that the last day of this incredibly weekend. 
Wish you a happy sunday and have a nice day! xx 

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These casual outfits really look cute.

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

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Both outfits are adorable, I love the pink tee-shirt and backpack in the school look <3

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Amazing styles! I really like how you've combined the pieces <3

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Love this different post! :)
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