Friday, November 25, 2011

JG Attack

Me: "he's sweet! hehehe sorry it might be annoys you"
Bud: "Ok then ... No probs, actually he's cool"
Me: "Really?!! uwoaaa thanksss! blablablalblabla......."

There's one day when i can't stop talk about my dearest king Josh Groban to my buddies. uhm... as i said, josh groban as... my King.-_- (ps: sorry for all this immature acts i've shared) . i told 'em everything, jokes, words, it's like tell a tale . sorta tell tales to 'em on that day to give 'em those Cool(pathetic) tickler . at the end of the story (obviously when the story was ended) one of my buddies shout out loud with his silly sentences and im just like poorly. here's a fail dialogue.

He: "what is this?"
Me: "some pictures of my king"
He: "who is he?"
Me: "...... *(take about 5minutes then exhale)* .... he's Josh Groban. don't you know that? well maybe he's not that young anymore so you probably...."
He: "Who's Josh Groban?"
and i just like ...

Me : "He's so cool! he has a good sense of humor and beautiful voices like all of that disney's prince. He's 
         my King! His name's Josh Groban!!".
Bud: "that's why you printed all of this pictures of him?? to add more on our page project today? i don't 
          know, maybe we can take one of them,just not for all.

one day before,my friends ask me to searching on the internet and looking for some actors and actress or well known people to add it on our page project in the next day. and i ask josh groban as my king (i told you he's my king *again*) on my page project then she's nods. im happy and excited (maybe it's too over). absolutely Miley Cyrus on my 1st list after josh groban. then another people comes like Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Jonas brothers. and the day comes.. she's surprised to know that finally i printed out 5 josh's faces -_- then she just took one of them. and i just like "well then. doesn't matter ,at least josh groban still be the king of the page" *sillyfaces*.

i've known him since i was a kid. i can't remember how it was, i just remember there's my mom bought a new CD's album from the store in south of Kalimantan (of course .. how could you think she's got the CD's from?) . So, i grabbed it out from the bag and clearly remember i saw Josh Groban face at the cover. and his single titled You raise me up and started opened the plastic on it,heard it for a thousand times and never get bored, i think the cd's was lost now i don't know where i put it on the last time it was a long time ago.
at that time,i don't even like him just not interesting with all of that... at least, it changed, just different for now.
short story, i started like him because of  David Foster. then i searching.browsing,his vidio,his songs and all of his albums. and i had a thought.. (keren kalo udah nyanyi kharisma nya keluar) *drolling*. and as the minutes went by, i found his official site and clicked on his vidio page, surprised that i found 2 vidios listed Groban's Garden and my flat face comes out like this ---> -_- . i mean how could this number one singer in this world,the best one had a kind of another side. i don't even notice before that he has a great sense of humor,comedian. he's so funny as hell, i laughed badly and when i go to sleep then i just dreamed about these episode.poor me. really... surprised.

 See? for the first time i saw his silly face,i just like expressingly haha sorry wrong person! but it was right, that man is really josh. just so darn far from my imagination about josh. (you know,everybody has a same thought with me). he's good, he's sweet, he's beautiful, he's a musician and he has a great sense of  humor. is there something he can't do? and the storytelling will begin on the next always, it called Josh's moment. that josh's moments always happen and everytime my stories ended,i end up like a warbler.
like this entry. A warbler.


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