Thursday, November 24, 2011

who's my king?

like a normal teenagers.. adoring their majesty ppl is like the most significant things ever.(that serious and perfectionist ppl is the only exception). for some ppl that considering it's unimportant and worthless. and also wasted their time. here's a good way to waste your time (Highly Recommended!)
for me,there was 3 types of personality in this whole teenagers life. the 1st one is that perfectionist person, the ppl that wanted everything instead of the best sections. and they just can't get enough for what they've got. The 2nd is that whatever kids. they really don't even care for what comes around. and sometimes just prove it as well. and the last one, is the ppl that loves to being crazy and energetic at everything that bring so much joy in their ages. but sometimes it looks like over-act. these last one does exist at everywhere and it might be annoys you.
how this type..(the last one) can be that annoyed and remarkable?
well.. it's all about our point of view. everybody has their own directions to look up to. for the most ppl appraise these energetic ppl like "oh..c'mon, could you please stay calm and just lay down over there" (Shoo sho). just please do not act like it's lower than normal you're tacky!. these sign of the 1st or 2nd types tired of being annoyed by the 3rd type (shout all the types awkwardly) . and it's about the point of view from the 1st and 2nd types for the 3rd type. (shout again-_- awkwardly more)
now let's see how's the 3rd type considers these over-act,comments and complaining from these 1st ... and 2nd types. (again,again and again).
it's how the 3rd type feels about theirselves, maybe they're realized that it's so much tacky and their acts might be annoys other.well even though some of them are not. but these 3rd type are just loved of being theirselves and the way they love something with their overact and nearly tacky acts would help 'em in their bad time.. for teenagers life's called Bad mood.
you know the feeling when you just not in a good mood or someone out there has let you down easily and kick your confidence rates at the same time? then these 3rd type got the power (like a hero of theirselves) for cheering up by their own way cuz,as  i told you, these type has their own majesty moodbooster and they can back and out from those bad mood easily. (not because they're crazy or tacky or something like that-_-). they're release it as well as a good mood booster. discovered from the lowest side of this type that perfectionist and whatever kids laugh at.
so it's two different side of our directions. everybody has a choice. sometimes we need to be perfectionist , sometimes we need to be that whatever kids, and sometimes (just sometimes) we need for being crazy for one thing. and of course take a control of the balance in ourselves. just do it all at the right time.
and me.. im one of the most ppl on the last type. haha yes that's it. is it ok to shout in here much more? haha No im Jk.
now back to the reality. yes i'm one of the 3rd type means for, not that over-act just pretty good, and crazy for something. this man drivin' me crazy. told ya,now currently loves for being grobanite and from all the grobanites in this world of course.
Yes.. That's it! here's my king .. My dearest one Josh Groban .


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