Saturday, November 26, 2011


It's weekend!!! yep.. i'm having a good lunch at some place. meanwhile i took this pic with josh, yes that's it. Josh Groban. which i made a sketch sort a potrait of josh last night (finally!) i made a sketch of Josh  on my paper. i'm not sure at first beside, i haven't buy any sketch book yet. the old one was completed usep up and i just need a new one. so darn whatever if this potrait really looks like him or not, at least i'm finally worked out for these josh's stain and made it by myself.
Jsyk, one thing that usually used for capture anything  has broken and messed up.
Sorry for the bad quality of the photos.



mafiga coklat spesial said...

btw yik aku punya kaset si josh yg closer jaman g enak itu kaset -__-"

Ganuta said...
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Ganuta said...

wohoo iya aku juga punya itu swaktu kecil :3