Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fashion Observer

Goof Mornig's raining and soo cold outside,i love the weather anyway . is it not too late to post my first entry on november,right? hehe yes dude,my special month ever. it's not because of myths ,mythology,or something like that. it becomes speciality because of my birthday month on November hehe!
after a long and long and long Super Hot summer ,then rainyNovember comes... its just feels like heavenly season ever.
New month, new season, new activities, new dreams :) now i tell you blog that i loved to make some pattern in everywhere nor anywhere. always hold my sketch book everywhere i go.even though im not that genius in arts or in make some sketch,but that way makes me interested instead. in my process to learn to be a good artist someday (amen) & to gain a progress in it.
describes it as well on this vidio, check it out...

so,it's all about school competition. about who i want to be for the next10years later. Yes, i thought something simple things based on my hobbies. That's it.. Fashion Observer. idk how im thinking,it just flown away by my own imagination. because my hobbies,sketching,drawing,painting,and just like other teenagers in this world.. buy some stuffs in the shoppa and conclude that Fashion Observer is the right one for me (amen). in making vidio.the crews is always be the most important thing ever. we had two days off for this vidio and about one minute duration.glad to receive these greats final outcome! so,thank you for all the crews! good job, all of you guys. Rocks!
back to the title of this entry says, daydreaming. i loved to painting,i wanted to be an artist someday(amen) and also a designer. my other dreams is.. i wanted to be the owner of my own labels someday (yes,that's it! amen). it's anything based on my hobbies and as long as i like it, i don't mind to spends my whole time in make an effort for it,and to be a hardworker someday.

well my momma told me that i have to take a shower early so, see ya ,hehehe
ohya, the backsound of this vidio is Breakout from Miley Cyrus . sengaja dipilih karna suka banget sama miley cyrus selain itu juga cocok lagunya-_-..


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