Monday, November 7, 2011

Say yes for this leather Rucksack season!

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a small backpack would be functional and plain at best. However, the vintage leather rucksack handbag these days is a sought after fashionable item for women of all ages (yes im sure for that).
leather should always be soft and supple and fairly lightweight, for comfort more than anything. Also in terms of comfort, you want strong padded shoulder straps that are well-stitched. If you are carrying a  rucksack for several hours it can soon start to bite into your skin. wait.. what this bite means for?
You always want to ensure that the outside zippers, clips or buckles are strong so that they don’t open inadvertently during your travels or just for walking around the streets. Some of the most popular and stylish brands of the vintage leather rucksack include Visconti, Lorenz and Leconi. well yea i want this things so much, no matter how it cost. the unbranded leather rucksack also acceptable! the brand just doesn't matter for me. also wishing that someone gonna give this leather handback as my birhtday gift(LOL).
by the way,i've got one leather rucksack backpack last year as my birthday was brown and box. and now i need the supple one. these leather backpacks has no limits, also can be used by a man (looking good too!) whilst it is possible to get a leather rucksacks for men, really this style is the domain of the ladies. However, leather is so neutral and timeless that it can suit females of any ages. Even a ladies leather rucksack handbag can feasibly be used by a man (recommended!) without the risk of being stared at,except for that man that want to pay attention, best recommended to use the ladies verse. Best of all, of well looked after, they can last for many many years. A college student could buy one and still be using it 20 years later. Although fashions come and go, leather is always a constant portrayal of quality and style. the statement above finally i've got from rucksack and backpacks dot com.


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