Sunday, October 23, 2011

i learned from you

Miley Cyrus
this well-known girl, is there anybody knowss absolutely!
it's SmileyMiley !!!! still clearly remember for the first time i heard her name, the name of "Hannah Montanna". yes im one of those fuckin' hilarious hannah's fan that time. and now, as time went by she's still be my everything. i know i know it sounds kiddos -_-the first season of hannah montana she was 11th, and right this time she's about 19th. there's no more hannah montana serial this year,it was over. miley's also played in the movie titled the last song, i've already mentioned you about the movie. check my last entries in older page. i loved her role as ronnie in the movie, and thought that... ronnie's just so me. that's way i watched that movie all over again.everybody's says that miley was changed. just read some comments about her and there's one comment says "i can't stand this lil girl with cute skirt and blondie turns into this bad girl with underwear in the V-clip". i read those comment in miley's v-clip - who owns my heart. i guess that people who wrote those comment is an adult,a mom. i thought about she changed,she become that other girl is just the way she shows who she is. she said ... "i don't have any idea why everybody keep talks on me,i just wanna show you guys,this is me. it's your choice to prove it". -Miley Cyrus. yes, this is the new miley, the new miley cyrus.later on these days, i just read miley's biography. listed miles to go . miley's fans shall know about it, biografi miley ini kalo gasalah rilis tahun 2009 yang waktu itu aku juga masih kelas 3 smp dan sempet baca (pinjeman dari temen) tapikurang mendalami *uhuk. dan baru di tahun 2011 ini (yeah man! gettin 2nd grade on my high school) pinjem lagi punya temen dan ngebaca ulang. and think that i should read it much more with my own ones, about buy it instead! is a must. im looking for the original one yes (yang kaya punya temen ane ntuh),i'll get it the book (miles to go), all the stories she wrote,especially when she was eleven, she wrote about bullies. sad to know she's the victims in the school *:( here imma tell you something bloggies! when i read those bullies chapter (automatically imagine if i were the same school as her, imeegonna give some helps, im gonna be her best friend ever! not for rachel that betrayed her, but the one and the only true friend for her....for miley). that's how my imagination works.dont worry miley, i heard that gaga ask the goverment to make bullies illegal ;) accursed all of that mean girls around us! .also conclude that she's a hard worker, she's more than amazing. it's so pathetic how the scandals take a control over her,so sad to know. miley said to mandy on her book "you tell them my secrets,and one minute later you got one billion dollar to pay the bills". (ps: for that statement,im getting a lil bit tickled).discussing about her lately rumors that miley cyrus smoking salvia, and think that miley gets depressed. as the world knew that her parents are divorced. yes, it's Billy ray cyrus and Tish cyrus divorced! so sad... what would happen to miley? to their children? to noah? noah is the only baby in their family,i mean not that baby... the younger one. miley's 19th and can't even stand it. what would happen next? i don't know, let's ask the god for the best. may god always bless 'em. after this salvia's rumor begins, then miley officially said sorry for that and apolgize towards her fans she said those rumors spreading to the world with no deliberateness,without her permission and shout that someone's betrayed her (again? for this age and era? :( so sad) . that is miley's friend posted it on the internet and that's what i've mentioned to you! maybe that someone got the royality then pay the bills,lol. god bless you miley, as long as you hold the faith and your bible. as the title of this entry say .. i learned from you as miley's song besides, i learned from this quite lil girl named Miley Cyrus. Bloggies as i write on these entry, i was inspired by miley cyrus. and imma tell you the 2nd one that inspires me... yep,it's taylor swift. i'll write about her later.
oh ya just met my friends named iveth from hungary, surprisingly that she's still stay in my country instead this small town and hope that she gonna stay here much longer then have a great conversation later in our spare time. :)sooo goodbye's rain falling over here ...
make peace no war yo'!


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Hejin said...

AYIK! I LOVE THIS POST! heck yeah we have the same thoughts & feelings about Miley. But still, as many people said Hannah / Miley is for kiddos who the heck cares for that! Im still in love with Miley! <3 Go Miley!