Friday, September 2, 2011

Last september night

Last friday nights yea we dance on tabletops then we took too many shots think we kiss but i forgot last friday nights nanananananana.... what huh? i'm just singing ;;) anyway katy perry is so damn fuckin hot,anybody wants deny?
So folks, this entry is not about the last september night but what i wanna let you know blog,this tells us about the last night on september,Cheers!
Last night me with my fams had a breaks time together and the agenda called openhouse on my grandma's yard. after it ends, we decided to walk across the streets to burn the firework, my nephews had a lot,uhm.. it just like some kind of fireworks that they've bought yesterday. and i told you it was a lot. i don't buy any firework because,my mum actually hate it, literally, she hate to burns her money away hahaha sure it's true.
finally on the wide outdoor spot and starts to burn our fireworks there. seems like a lot of fun! i'm sure. rather for watch it from a miles away than hold it with my hands. i'd love to watch the fireworks that's brighter in the sky than take a hold of it by myself but the smeel of the dust fumes always freakin' me out. we play around the spot and burns ou fireworks nd we laughs,enjoying the time together until there's one big fireworks that looks like pipes left.
The foreign said it's a danger to take a control of the firework by itself. they thought us to make some knot on it and stay away from it. wtf those statement has freakin me out.
my uncles find out some plasters,wires,and strings. they starts make some knot anf finally we're all stay away from those things.
and suddenly... a beautiful wonderful unbelievable fireworks burst and shinning the night sky. all of people shaken up by the lighting of the firework. wohoo i can't take my eyes off from those shinning things. that's way i haven't take the pictures of it,so sad i forgot to bring my camera.
i puts some pictures that enough to describes the sky last night.

~you just gotta ignite the light and let it shine just own the night~

"Cause baby you're firework,c'mon let your colours burst"
- katy perry

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