Friday, August 26, 2011

August notes

there's one month when all of my schoolmates and i learn the lessons about languages activities over the years. and these years is august turn. at the end, we're allowed to give a performance in front of all the audiens about our languages that we've choosed.
and after all those days, finally the last day to go to school is over! yeah man! *rolling the floor*.
even though i have no idea what i wanna do during the time off but i'm sure, this is something that all of students consider as heaven.
this year kinda different, i'm not hit on the stage anymo
re HA! but im work as hell on the back. im on my 2nd grade in high school right now. oh did i said im ON MY 2ND GRADE IN HIGH SCHOOL?! yaaaaaa time ruins faster im gettin' older and i probably hate it. so i let all of my junior *coughing* in my germany classs to take a
chance on the stage as well. and just like i've mentioned to you before,im in the back.
we're performing chicken dancing and mix within das rote pferd. thankful that we've be the 2nd winner from the other languages class.
Das rote pferd is a song. absolutely everybody knows. it tells like there was a red horse who simply turned around and shoed a fly with his tail.
most of the famous musicians and also the composers are came from this state. over the ages have been from germany. picked from the cultural news of germany, the german musical legacy hold the tunes of Ludwig van Beethoven, johann sebastian bach, franz schubert, johannes brahms, richard wagner and many more. Wagner, strauss, medelssohn bartoldy, brahms, schumann, handel, telemann,etc. are some of the composers of international repute,hailing from germany.With around one hundred and forty one professional orchestras, the country has the fifth largest music market in the world. Some of the famous orchestras in Germany are the Gewandhaus orchestra in Leipzig, Berlin and Munich Philharmonic orchestras etc. from classical to romantic, pop to rock, Germany shines as a pearl in the western music scenario.
dance in germany is all about the ballet companies and also the touched from theaters. of course it seems nonsense to put the original german dance to our scenario because of the due time, only one week. we starts to fusing the german culture with the indonesian musical note.

the sample illustration of germany dancer outfits.

Blog.. lemme tell you about how i'm feelin. you know somethin? discouraged feeling just don't make any sense. at least.. that what i'm feelin'. til' something good happens for a seconds. guess what?!@#!%$HGSt#@??! well i'm bushing hehehehe .. it's because of one lil thing. and it ends then the bad one comes.
crap but sure. but there's another thing changed my whole mood and my head automatically shout those creepy facts..dude,you gotta be kidding me.
how come ... NO WAY! i'm mad right that time .just shut the hell up and im going run away,but my lord.. i can't easily just run away and leave everything hang on my hands *yuck* . and BLAH , yeah sometimes blah is the only words to describes your fucking bad time,and i did it.
Ladies and gentleman.. that was my last day in school and hoping that your day is about a lot of fun too without an immature acts well poor me im pathetic but that wasn't my fault anyway ya no offense.*innocent*. now i'm dying, i thought it was enough to wrote on this page about my last stories and discussed all the things that choke me up.
now it's the time to discuss all the rumors about my precious girl one...nahhhh Miley Cyrus oh em gee she's got my attention for the sexiest woman drooling.
by the way,today i found that miley's had a new tatto on her hands and that is anchor,my best symbol ever and well we're sisters :p after all miley's also had four symbolic feathers. that similar with all of the stuffs that i found in the indiana sundries shop.
my eyes starts to kriyip kriyip ya kinda sleepy and currently listening my valentine by Martina Mcbrine and Jim Brickman,so much joy with chacha crispy and wait i'm going to find my frisian flag,my tummy ask for it.
5 minutes later
nahh i'm back, so this is my free time. keep rolling in my bed, eats,drinks, take a shower,sleeps,social networking,blogging,keep rolling in my bed,take some random pictures while im bored,keep rolling in my bed,watch a movie on my dvd's,keep rolling in my bed,awake at midnight,go back sleep,read some comics that i haven't return it to the owner,rolling in my bed,fasting,and rolling in my bed. so 80% of my whole times spends with rolling in my bed.
gonna prank with me? Go call me 08524******** dude well im so pathetic like a shit T_T

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