Saturday, September 3, 2011

most wanted (ATTENTION!!!)

My lord... this thing is what i really want most . i want this stuff! jut found that Ellie Jones - Hughes bought this ring . i mean THIS MALE DEER RING! and she absolutely love it. you know the feeling when you found someone that's had what you want,what youwear,what you like,an exact same things just like you feels there is so many similarity things with her? that's my feelings when i found ELLIE.J on lookbook because of this branch horns of deer photos. i open up her page and looking for another pages of her. and i officially follow her blog and her page on tumblr.

as she posted on her blog, i thought she'd love to be natural. the fresh air,create fresh energy. she wrote, " For my dad's birthday we went on a walk across a beach to this lovely island! It's so lovely and quite quiet considering that it's Summer. We sat on the beach for a while and walked around the island. There are some wild horses there and they are very sweet! I loved the grey one, her hair was knotted and she was the only dark coloured horse, she was my favourite!" . dude i'm shaken up . she also said that she loved second hand things and bought so many items there,i loved too. i thought i love the charity shop,pity,in my town a good charity shop kinda rare . or i just don't even know where is it. so readers if you know the bet place for the second hand i'm beggin to you to tell me soon! well i guess Ellie.J and i had a similarity. a camera from a charity shop that she bought in chester a few years back is my favorite one. and also the fedora. xoxo!

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