Monday, August 4, 2014

see it rising

i've never been-in my life-regreting myself to take a day off for this. it's really myself off duty this time, taking out the chances i'm in, bringing only my camera with me and away from the tech-expancement circles. 
it took about 5 hours from my hometown to be there. we finally reached at 1 am with the temper 19 degrees in which definitely will exceed in each hour. the fume appears whenever we breath and talk. we rent a house for the whole family and start to hike at 4 to see the sunrise at the top of the mountain on that plateu. it's friggin' cold as the temper goes down and the lower we've got is 5 degrees in that morning.
right when the sun set to rise, we're on top, we can see the sun clearly above, and the sea-clouds, cold no longer bother us anymore. that time, i feel like i really deserve this and glad i experienced this.

I put calgary by Bon Iver as the track i listen to. 

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