Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hair short

I wonder what people doing on blog lately, it's been a long time i didn't check blogger and all. so ya now my current status is a fashion design student that actually having her time off this week/month idk how long it'll be anyway and i was thinking about cutting my hair off for the next semester. my actual hair is wavy, not so wavy but wavy enough to say it is a wavy. 

my hair grew longer and longer since the last time i cut them and apparently it makes me troubled enough this past 3 months because i have no time to take care and pay some more attention since i have a lot duty that i need to get it done quickly as ever. having a long hair is great actually but then it means the ones that have decide to grow their hair longer needs to taking care of their hair more than the shorter one. i found it was so cliche but it was really is. so for the good sake of my hair and my next semester appearance (what i'm trying to say is that, to avoid any hair damage and harmful look lol ;)), i will definitely make  it short soon. 
A lot of things i learned about being a fashion design student which makes me willing to write more entry for that, probably on my next post.


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