Saturday, December 17, 2011

wet less,writting more

it's rain and must be so cold outside. one of the most thing that what i like is.. the smell of the ground when it's rain falling . i do love to write on when it's rain. i told you it's good to stay in your house while it's raining instead of go out and wet. checking my lastest things on my blog and i'm about add it for a little more so i properly say.. wet less writting more. Sincerely, just delayed something that what i planned with my buddy this evening.
there's nothing i can do right this time (i'm so lazy like it's a song) . i'm having my time-off and just finished all of my task. yesterday i've got my certivicate of achievement swimming after all those tiring times.(so much fun really). and also my academic report for 11 grades this 1st semester year on friday. and the result is pretty good. i won't say that i am a smart girl,diligent,obedient or something like that cuz i'm really not. i'm not that kinddof student in school. & about these academic report, it's finally shows a progress of me on it. i've got at least two subject with 9commas score for Art subject and Civics. & above the passing grade this year. do not pass the judgement on me for this because of my weakness cuz there's a lot of smart people in my school. i always be aware of the other students around me they're just smarter than ever. (or that just a stupid me).
Christmas is coming up anyways,i have seen some updates from josh and it seems that many people don't notice the hints for what they want yet. like josh and his dad as santa. goodluck til' the time comes up to you that celebrate it as well. merry christmas & enjoy your christmas eve!


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