Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012's coming up

Happy new year everyone! it's new year's eve. what's your plan for tonight? Throwing a party with your friends,gang,buddies,familly, or someone special? gonna doing some pranks? who's doing it for tomorrow?
what's your resolution for this upcoming year? there's so many people renew it. and so me. and so google...

what a sweet comparison of google for this new year's eve (: grabbed it and captured it while i'm doing some random things and googling for it. yup, currently Joshing around right this time, switch on my pc and connected my interwebs,log in my twitter,Blogging,and tumblring. just check out the greatest one josh groban's fans blog and surprisingly, i'm on it! :D she/he/they finally reblog one of my sketch of josh and add some comments that really makes my day, really coincide with these new year's eve and also made it becoming unforgettable memories on the last nigh of 2011. 
Lots of thanks! and all of grobanites shall know about this blog, one of the greatest groban fan's blog i've ever known.

everyone's exciting about new year, their resolution are mostly same. they're renew it for the better one,and so me. everything better, bring so much joy, bless from god but mostly, all i want for this upcoming year's feel relieved for anything.
"Dear God, i wanna take a minute, not to ask anything from you,but simply to say thankyou, for all i have" -@SayingsForGirls
Happy New Year 

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