Friday, September 6, 2013

a come back drawing

How you guys doing? i think i have so lack visitors lately since i stop blogging for quite long and just doing this comeback a week ago but i keep asking this just in case somebody may read (:
and so this is my first time after a long long break for drawing digitally which i think i need to start this all over before my hands got rusty.
i'm deciding to make an illustration of my first tops. the fabric is not that good for me esp it's a mix thing between two kind of fabrics and i got it from a local sundries. i like how it goes with those bird thing.
 i'm going to college within a week and i hope my hands is back as good as it used to be.


1 comment:

Loise Veloso said...

Draw some more! And my suggestion is you interact and be interested in other people :) Hope that helps xx