Monday, December 24, 2012

Late year end post

Hi there! it's a late year end post just to greet you say merry christmas and a happy new year! also enjoy your quick-end holiday! it's a self-post took after doing some rehearsals and getting my face done. which gets me those queerness faces, i even looks like 20 instead of 17. realizing that was my long hairstyle before now, it has been cut-off. i've got a shorter heirstyles from now on.
Times went so fast as i'm turning seventeen this year and welcomed by my senior year so. in this case, being a person for the lasts step high school students makes it even more responsible and doing every single things harder than ever. these senior things is really stressing me out. i even doing a serious attention for my things like books or a subject notes. i feel weird to post those book stuff post below but whatever it's really shows my needs lately, and more points for the banana ;)
anyway i've pass my chinese classes last semester it went nice and think i need a bit more. despite of my chinese-classes ended, learns korea is fascinating. can't remember since when, i'm sure it started from the dramas i've seen. korea dramas is all good if you have time to spare. but for the roles, i don't know that much. just liking one of it brought me so many thing this far. i'm not that korean lover since i'm too bad to understands anything related with their showbizz. and i wonder why any korean names exactly resemble? do anyone know why? it's 이승기 for the 1st time of my life brought me into these odd things and started to knew korea. thanks oppa (he's much older than me) click this path to see him he's a very down to earth well-known persons i've ever known.
so yahh, watching any dramas is a big recommendations to ya'll, hoping you have a great year and trips! we're in a half way to welcoming a new year's eve. xx!


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Delia Salsabila said...

You already cut off your hair? can not wait to see u soon xx