Friday, June 8, 2012


hi it's me again! i know it's been a long time i haven't give you a post here and since my camera cracked by the person whom sat on it, it was happened in accidentally way and she don't even know til' now. i know it's fucking lame and i'm quite mad at this but there's nothing i can do it's already happened that way. and now i'm currently doing my exams.
So this picture has taken on my time-off from rehearsals a couple of months ago. i went to the beach just to get a pure day-off and relax at there. i'm cheerleading on my1-2grades and now it is almost senior year we just need to stop it and focusing in the next final exams. i'll give more post here and add for some more later on.( i hope so!)  xx!



Bernadina Ayu said...

i love ur blog dear, all of ur sketch, so damn cool!! :)

following you, mind to follow me back? thankyou :)

OanaC said...

Oh really, yo're so beautiful and stulish
What a perfect look, I LOVEEEEE

Love, Oana