Sunday, February 26, 2012

an Ordinary fellas

goodday companies!
i'm havin' my freeday on these weekend. i mean Yes, No practicing, no homework, no excercise, no rehearsals. and i'm doing good.
So lack of activities and i'm just like sleep,wake up then get a shower, eat more than ever like chips, cake,donuts, ice cream, snack,sweet things with no rice indeed. like doesn't even care with my weights anymore (No, I didn't).
anyways, i had a gurls time last night, actually it was a friday night and i'm going outside with one of my besties named Dwl. we talked about each other, shared many things and she asked me to draw something on her new notebook. she's such a good person i've ever met and we started knew each other since junior high school and hope it will last forever (: . therefore i also had a great familly in my senior high school, i havent mention them yet on my blog but soon i will. 
Now eating my chips instead of writting more on my blog, it's sunday already and it's so far away from friday but so bloody damn close with monday (have you ever think the same?). i am a normal student and i'm go to a normal international school. everything goes normal as teenager. i do sin, an unexpected sin. like cheat while it's math test, admit it (it's teenaggah rules).but most of all we do love (as a teen) to laugh at everything. it could be when it's funny moments, or when you with your friends, moreover to your problems! yes i said that you better to laugh at your problems either, to create more positive energy. and so you. 


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